Mesajah (PL)

Mesajah – a singer, songwriter, producer and composer. In 2008 he decided to start his solo career releasing his first album “Ludzie prości (The Common People)”. The original interpretations of reggae, dancehall, dub and hip-hop on the album were surprising. It appeared to be a great success and event on the Polish reggae scene and met with great media interest. It was promoted with the song “Każdego Dnia (Every Day)”, which is still a great hit known not only by reggae fans.
In February 2012 Mesajah released his second solo album called “Jestem stad (I’m from here)”. Both the title of the record and its whole subject refer to the problem of discrimination of people of different skin colour. The author calls for tolerance and equality regardless of the background, religion or views. The album is promoted with music videos to the songs “Ogień (Fire)”, “Do Rana (Till the Morning)”, “Szukając szczęścia (Looking for happiness)” – recorded together with Kamil Bednarek, and also Rap One Shot to the song “Wiadomość (Message)”. Over a year later his third album was premiered, titled: “Brudna prawda (Dirty truth)”. The album containing such songs as “Ten kraj (This country)”, “Beautiful Morning” or the hit “Lepsza Połowa (A better half)” consolidated Mesajah’s position in the native music market. 

In 2016 the fourth album was released titled “Powrót do korzeni (Return to the roots)”. The record was promoted with a single “Wolne (Free)”, which unexpectedly let Mesajah win the Premier contest during the 53rd Festival of Polish Songs in Opole – getting the award “Karolinka” by the votes of the audience. “Powrót do korzeni (return to the roots)” was also appreciated by the music business – the album received a nomination to the Fryderyk music award 2017 in the category “Album of the year The roots of music”.

Mesajah is an author of a completely new quality on the Polish music scene. The energy that accompanies his gigs is so incredible that the audience has fun to the very end. His abilities and great go-getting energy let him perform on the most important music events. He has appeared during such festivals as One Love Sound Fest , Ostróda Reggae Festival, Regałowisko, Reggaeland and many more. He has accompanied such artists as: Gentleman, Shaggy, Sizzla, Junior Kelly, Stephen Marley, Wu Tang Clan, Anthony B and Alborosie.
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Just to remind you the most popular songs by Mesajah:

  1. Wolne:
  2. Szukając Szczęścia:
  3. Lepsza Połowa:
  4. Każdego Dnia:
  5. Ładna i cwana:
  6. Do rana:
  7. Ogień:
  8. Powiedz kim byś był: