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Bass Aid Sound System (Poland)

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Bass Aid Sound - Bassowa Apteczka Dubowej Pomocy

It was October 2009, Wrocław. There met three enthusiasts of reggae music/dub (Kaczuch - DubyDread, Kris - Chris Dread, Rufus - RFSinDUB).
Each of them had performed on the stage for years as a DJ/selector. Having combined their passion for music and fascination with sound system culture a new project called BASS AID SOUND was created.

Since then, their mutual goal was to undertake actions aimed at the organization of events full of low frequencies and playing sound system music, beginning from the sounds of ROOTS REGGAE, ROOTS DUB to modern electronic sounds of DIGITAL DUB, STEPPA and even DUBSTEP. The first events took place in a no longer existing cult club Madness in Wrocław.  Then they chose other clubs on the map of Wrocław and began cyclic events under the aegis of “Digital Roots Session” or “Dub Zone”, where artists from Poland and abroad are invited.

Apart from organizing cyclic events, Bass Aid Sound have appeared on many festivals, such as: “Era Wodnika (The Age of Aquarius)" in Wolimierz, Dubival, Czochraj Bobra Fest in Namysłów , Kluczbork – the capital city of Reggae Festival, Ostróda Reggae Festival, and many events all around Poland. They have performed with such artists as: Dub Engine (IT), The Scientist Sound (UK), 2Kings (UK), Ras Terry Gad (UK), Radikal Guru, Rise Up! Sound System, Panda Dread Sound System, Ras Bass, Jabbadub, 4 Session, Bobo Dread, Kosmos Mega Sound System, Diana Levi, Steppa Warrior, Posativa, Holly Sound, Lady Asha, Freedom Warrior, Good Vibes Familia and many others.

At present Bass Aid Sound is composed of: Kaczuch - DubyDread and Rufus - RFSinDUB. They are still increasing their ammunition in the form of vinyl albums so as to make their sets rich in new productions from the best record companies and soaked with strong bass and great sound.