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Damian Syjonfam (Poland)

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Damian Syjonfam in the 90s started his career playing the guitar in a reggae band called Natura, in which he recorded an album “Wielki Haj”.

In 2008 on his initiative the band ComeYah came into existence, in which he was the leader, vocalist and text writer. In 2012 the album “Na wschód (To the East)” was released and its circulation sold out completely.

In 2013 he started working on his solo record cooperating with: Watzek Wawrzyniak, Krystian K-Jah Walczak, D'Roots Brothers and foreign musicians: House of Riddim (Austria), Bass Galore Productions (The Netherlands). The work resulted in harmonious, coherent, root reggae of a universal message. The lyrics written and sung by Damian ask inconvenient questions and tell us about a real House which he longs for.  He warns against contemporary cheating and deception. However, he devotes most of his music space to infinite and omnipresent Love.

On 15th August 2014, an album was released titled „Wracam do Domu (I’m coming back home)” under the imprint of Wrocław record company Lou & Rocked Boys, which was premiered in Ostróda Reggae Festival. In the first month the album took the second place in the box office charts OLIS.

In January 2016 Damian appeared in the Ski Jumping World Cup in Zakopane singing his song “Powstanie (Uprising)”, which became the anthem of the competion.

In February 2016 the second album of Damiana Syjonfam was released titled “TO CO BYŁO, TO BĘDZIE (What happened that will be)”. In the first month the album took the first place in the box office charts OLIS. At present this is the bestseller in EMPIK music shop.  The music was made in cooperation with Watzek Wawrzyniak, a German production team Oneness Records and Riddim Bandits. Lyrics: Damian Syjonfam ( Damian Skoczylas). A guest appearance of singers: Mesajah, Pablopavo, Paprodziad

After a year and a half since the premiere of the first album “Wracam do domu (I’m coming back home)”, after numerous concerts and meetings with people, Damian is taking us again to an emotional journey.

Damian Syjonfam is an artist who attracts to his concerts people of different ages.  This is a result of very rich content of the lyrics sung in a simple but close to our hearts language.  Each of us can find a part of our lives in his lyrics.  He has a unique timbre, which engrosses the audience with every song that he sings.   Emotions and energy that accompany his performance make his gigs an unforgettable experience to which everybody wants to come back.

Damian Syjonfam will appear in One Love for the first time!