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Randy Valentine (Great Britain/Jamaica)

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Versatile singer / songwriter/ producer RANDY VALENTINE is based in London but hails from country sides of Clarendon in Jamaica. As a child growing up he was heavily influenced by his fathers love for music, which was expressed mostly via a sound sytem that his father owned called SHINING STAR SOUND. Even though he was busy with music for at least 10 years, RANDY VALENTINE’s career started  growing from strength to strength since the release of his debut mixtape “Bring back the love” in 2012where he sang over 13 tracks – all built upon STUDIO ONE Riddims.

Since then he released two brilliant EP's and also started to explore different genres of music, as he featured on MAJOR LAZER’s:“Peace is the mission” (No1 on Billboard Dance / Electronic albums), and also collaborated on one of the most talked about musical projects of the year: WU TANG’s unique album copy of “Once upon a time in Shaolin”.

His latest project is a mixtape entitled “RADIO MUSIC” recorded over a series of classic hiphop instrumentals mostly from the late 90’s - often considered one of the “golden ages” of hip-hop. Randy Valentine is performing on One Love Sound Fest for the first time, so you can expect a taste. of every style he's presented in last 5 years.