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Sugar Cane Experience ft. Jah Sun, Raphael, Lion D, Bizzarri Sound (Italy/USA)

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The international project, in which there are the representants of the Italian reggae scene – Raphael and  Lion D, as well as the American – Jah Sun, accompanied by Bizzarri Sound from Italy.

Jah Sun – comes from sunny California. Since his early years he’s had a lot to do with music, at the beginning it was hip-hop. When he was 20, he discovered Bob Marley’s music, which had a great impact on his approach to music as such. In 2006 he released his debut album “Height of Light”. You can find many important artists there, i.a. Luciano, Junior Reid, Lutan Fyah. This album is a great mixture of hip-hop, roots reggae and melodic ballads. His another album ”Battle The Dragon” was widely acclaimed not olny in the USA,  but also in many  European countries, i.a. Spain, Italy or Sweden. He had many fine guests on this album -  Peetah Morgan, Alborosie, Stevie Culture, Perfect, J-Boog and Gentlemen. The artist released two other albums – ”Rise As One” in 2013 and “New Paradigm” in 2015.

Lion D – his real name’s David Andrew Ferri;  born in London to an Italian mother and Nigerian father, he grew up in Pesaro in Italy, where he moved with his mother when he was a boy. After his first contact with reagge, he was full of passion to this music and quickly started writing songs and lyrics in Jamaican  patois. As the time went by, his love to the music deepened and he took part in many dancehall sessions in Italy with various sound systems and international artists at local concerts. He also introduced the unique ”conscoius” style to his own shows.  Since 2007 he’s been releasing his first singles  ("Keep The Fyah Burnin'", "Real Warrior" and "You Know That I Love You"), and in  2009 his debut album "The Burnin' Melody" in Bizzarri Records. In 2011 he released his second album "Reap What You Sow", which was a collection of his best hit singles recorded for various Europrean companies, and brand new songs recorded for Bizzarri Records. After the success of his albums, he started playing many live concerts in Europe and the USA, which were critically acclaimed by the audience. In 2013 he released the album called "Bring Back The Vibes", another confirmation of his cooperation with Bizzarri Records. It’s a roots reggae album,  including the single "Nuh Ramp" featuring ragamuffin artist Skarra Mucci, and "Try Afta You", including samples from Inner Circle’s "Sweat – A la la la la long", he had both in top ten reggae charts in Europe. In the summer of 2013  Lion D was the opening act for many reggae stars, such as  Lone Ranger, Israel Vibration and Snoop Dogg. In 2014 he spent three months in  Jamaica recording his new album with Alborosie, and when they returned, he opened all of his Italian gigs.  In th summer of 2014 he played before Alpha Blondy at Gusto Dopa al Sole in Salento. In 2015 Lion D released his latest album produced by Alborosiego called ”Heartical Soul”. Lion D’s style is a combination of many sounds having the same reagge origin – from dj style, through new roots, to modern dancehall. His songs written in the great Jamaican patois talk about important topics, such as social justice and spiritual experiences with a positive approach, typical for Jamaican roots. Fascinating tunes and rhythm make Lion D a real master capable of charming the audience with his unique voice.

Raphael – born in Savona , a son of a Nigerian father and Italian mother. When he was a teenager, he started his musical adventure. In 2002 he created a band Eazy Skankers They played many concerts and festivals, i.a Rototom Sunsplash. In 2008 the band recorded the material for their debut album called “To The Foundation”. The album was recorded in the legendary Tuff Gong Studio in Jamaica. Next Raphael took part in many other reggae projects; he cooperated with Buna – the vocalist of the legendary Africa Unite. Another stage in his musical career was a deal with Bizzarri Sound and Bizzarri Records, the effect of which was an EP called  “My Name Is Rapahel” released in 2012. In 2013 he released his debut solo album ”Mind vs Heart”. The promo tour included over 150 in Europe and South America. In June 2016 Raphrael released his latest album called  ”Reggae Survival”.