Bob One & Bas Tajpan (PL)

Together they are a very harmonious duo, but also each of them individually proves his own class. Silesia attacks with reggae, dancehall and hip-hop, with the quality confirmed by thousands of fans.

Bob One is a rapper / singer from Katowice. He made his debut in 2001 with the Rainbow Hi-Fi collective, where he grabbed a microphone for the first time. Then Bob One joined Rub Pulse Sound System. 2008 brought his first solo album “Jeden”. He recorded with the likes of Hemp Gru, Firma, Onar, Tabu or Junior Stress. In addition to the distinctive voice, he is also known as a talented producer, providing rhythms for himself as well as for Bas Tajpan. June 2013 is a long awaited second release from Bob One on MaxFloRec, already promoted with “Widzę dziś”, “Zostawiam” and ” Daj z siebie wszystko” videos.

Bas Tajpan from Dąbrowa Górnicza is a singer and songwriter whose career began in late 90’s. As a solo artist he appeared first time in the beginning of the new century on IGS albums and featured on the solo project of famous singer Gutek – Mustafarai. He worked with Junior Stress, Firma, Miuosh, Peja, Tabu Duby, Skorup, Fu and Hemp Gru among the others – top of Polish hip-hop and reggae. In 2007 he started Fandango Gang project with Miuosh. The result was their common album under the same title. Bas Tajpan released two solo albums. The debut “Korzenie i kultura” (2010) was promoted with the singles “Korzenie i kultura” and “Potęga majestatu”. In 2012 Hemp Records released his “Made in Tajpan” that brought clips “Podróż” and “Dla moich ludzi”.

Bob One and Bas Tajpan have been closely collaborating duo for years, both in the studio and on stage. In 2012 they released common EP „Wszystko na sprzedaż”. Both of them can be easily considered the top of the Polish contemporary reggae / hip-hop / dancehall scene. They enjoy very strong support from fans – big crowds at the shows and views of the clips often counted in hundreds of thousands.