Tabu (PL)

Tabu was created in 2003. Its line-up and music style has crystallized for years. Energy reggae, strong wind band and stage charisma has been Tabu’s direction for many years.

Hundreds of concerts given and thousands of kilometres covered make Tabu be not only a music band playing reggae but also a big family and machine that moves forward as a fast moving engine.

The band has four studio records and one concert album to its credit:

  • ‘Jednosłowo (Oneword)’ – 2006
  • ‘Salut’– 2009
  • ‘Endorfina (Endorphin)’ – 2012
  • „Przystanek Woodstock 2014 (Woodstock Festival 2014)” – 2014
  • „Meteory (Meteorites)” – 2015
  • „Jednosłowo (repackaged / remastered)” – 2016
  • „Meteory (Meteorites)” – the latest studio record of the band, which premiere was in Autumn 2015.

The album contains diverse music styles but they are all combined with reggae rhythms. It provides a huge amount of true emotions. This is a music trip between the sky and the earth. Although every song tells a different story and lives its own life, all the songs make a mixture of common foundation. This is strength, music power of message, charisma and true facts contained in lyrics.

At the moment the band are working on their fifth album and its first trailer is the song “Głowa do gory (Chin up)” with a quest participation of Kamil Bednarek.