Maleo Reggae Rockers (PL)

20 years of Maleo Reggae Rockers

A special gig for the 20th anniversary of Maleo Reggae Rockers with the greatest hits of the band. The band has released 15 records and appeared in the most significant festivals in Poland and in the world playing way over 1000 gigs since their formation 20 years ago.

Dariusz Malejonek, the leader, is one of the most recognizable and influential Polish musicians, an extremely colourful and positive figure in the Polish culture, and also a worker for voluntary causes and ambassador of countless charity events. He has given gigs and cooperated with numerous artists. He has been a member of legendary bands, for example, Kultura, Izrael, Moskwa, Armia, Houk, 2Tm 2,3, Arka Noego. A natural-born rebel of incurable charisma and always against the system. He has been seeking freedom since he was a child and he has found it in music in diverse sounds. He has been appreciated for his merit for the development of culture and cherishing the memory of the modern history of Poland.

Maleo Reggae Rockers is one of the most popular and active reggae bands in Poland with the icon of Polish reggae Darek Malejonek at the head. MRR has been on great form for years as they release records regularly, which are in great demand and have good reviews. ‘Rzeka Dzieciństwa (River of Childhood)’ was nominated for the record of the year, ‘Wake Up’ for the ‘Fryderyk’ award and ‘Addis Abeba’ for the ‘Superjedynka’ award. The band has given over 1000 gigs since they stared to exist and they have performed in the most significant festivals in Poland and in the world. Gigs given by MRR are exceptionally hot and filled with positive emotions and a message of peace, mutual love and respect.