ACKBOO feat. MC Dan I Locks

These days Ackboo is one of the most popular French dub producers. He travelled all around the globe and performed nearly 300 shows between Paris, Mexico and Beijing. Check his live dub project with a talented Swedish singer.

Ackboo’s latest album “Invincible” was released in 2016 on his label Tanta Records. It is an eclectic effort for reggae fans and electronic music addicts. Among vocal guests you can find Horace Andy, Linval Thompson, Green Cross, Solo Banton, Marcus Gad, Maicee, S’Kaya, Malone Rootikal and Dan I Locks. Horace Andy goes back to his Massive Attack era and raises his crystalline voice on an electro trip hop instrumental mixed with dub. Linval Thompson sings his legendary song on a dancing. Brother Culture shows its inimitable flow on a composition inspired by Mike Oldfield. Ackboo confirms his producer skills with this selection of singers. He was also involved into the writing of the lyrics. “I would like my music to make people want to unite and rise against injustice” – stated this talented producer.
In 2009 Ackboo released his first music – “Bangladesh Dub” single was a real-dub stepper bomb. 2013 marked his debut album “Turn Up the Amplifier”, welcomed as “the new blood of French Dub scene”. Two years later he released “Mexico in Dub” EP. You could see him playing at places like Rototom, Outlook, Dour Festival, Télérama Dub Festival. Ackboo is not a DJ: armed with his analogue mixer and his machines, he re-mixes on stage his own productions.

Dan I Locks is a reggae singer/singjay, selector and a founding member of Deng Deng HiFi Sound System from Sweden. In 2009 his first release ”Jah Far-I” hit the streets and since then one LP and more than 30 vinyl releases followed on various labels. Dan I Locks worked with several producers like Shiloh Ites, Ashanti Selah, Ackboo and Indica Dubs and performed with many sounds in both Sweden and in Europe.

Real pleasure for digital dub reggae and electronic music fans to see these two talented people together in action!