Jamaram (GER)

They propose a unique blend of reggae, ska, dub, funk, soul, latin, swing, pop and rock. This colourful mixture is additionally enhanced with English, Spanish and French lyrics. 10 albums, 17 years on stage and thousands of shows is a serious achievement.

Jamaram started in 2000 in Munich and now they enjoy top recognition in the German music scene. The band played could be seen at the major European events – Rototom Sunsplash, Chiemsee Reggae Summer, Afrika-Karibik-Festival, Summerjam, FIFA World Champion Party. But you could also see them playing at such unusual places like railway stations and in reformatories. They run workshops in Uganda and organized a campaign to raise funds for the local school for orphans, children of AIDS victims in Africa. Jamaram’s music is addressed to fans of multi-style and multicultural vibes. In 2012 they released “La Famille” album, where you can hear reggae alongside ska, rocksteady, pop, rock and latin – as always produced by Europe’s top rootsy producer Umberto Echo.
In addition to the classics, “Almost Hits” also features new songs, such as collaboration with Dub Inc. in “Oh my Gosh”. A part of this release is a live DVD showing Jamaram on a tour with artists from Zimbabwe. In 2012 during the tour in Zimbabwe Jamaram came across Acoustic Night Allstars, a group of young but very talented local vocalists. Their performances and workshops together proved to be a success and in 2013 two bands played a common tour in Germany. In spring 2015, “Heavy Heavy” album was released and it included collaborations with guests from Africa. Jamaram performed several times in Poland at Life Festival Oświęcim, Ostróda Reggae Festival, Pyromagic, Anti-Ball of Journalists in Warsaw or the film festival in Koszalin. In July 2015 they conquered Woodstock, where Grubson was their guest.

Now they will perform first time at One Love Sound Fest, bringing their new „Freedom of Screech” album, released this year. Jamaram have gone ahead and struck out everything that needs to go. No walls or borders here – just immense diversity and zest for living, in music as in real life. The album appeals for open-mindedness and respect and speaks out against intolerance and the isolationist mindset.