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The kick-off of the story... not that long ago: summer 2014. This 6-piece band revolted Spanish alternative scene back on June 2014

ZOO (ES) 2017-09-11T14:11:58+00:00

Alborosie & Shengen Clan (IT/JAM)

One of the greatest contemporary reggae artists comes back to One Love! He performed for us in 2011 and now it is

Alborosie & Shengen Clan (IT/JAM) 2017-09-11T14:10:16+00:00

Dancehall Masak-Rah (PL)

“… It says in the programme Dancehall Masak-Rah and honestly speaking the name reflects well what one may expect. Shambles! … Masak-Rah

Dancehall Masak-Rah (PL) 2017-09-11T21:45:43+00:00

Jamaram (GER)

They propose a unique blend of reggae, ska, dub, funk, soul, latin, swing, pop and rock. This colourful mixture is additionally enhanced

Jamaram (GER) 2018-06-14T22:39:35+00:00

Paxon (PL)

PaXon, actually Daniel Cesar Rengifo Diaz, a Polish vocalist, songwriter, composer, music producer, editor, DJ. He is a co-founder and frontman of

Paxon (PL) 2017-09-11T21:56:17+00:00

Mesajah (PL)

Mesajah – a singer, songwriter, producer and composer. In 2008 he decided to start his solo career releasing his first album “Ludzie

Mesajah (PL) 2017-09-24T23:37:45+00:00